Cloud Computing Services

The Ultimate in Cloud Computing

IT Service Pros offers the most comprehensive, cutting-edge cloud computing services for businesses throughout the central Midwest. As a partner with Datto, the tech world’s leader in backup and disaster recovery, we are able to provide hybrid cloud computing services to ensure your business data is always protected.

Why Cloud Computing with IT Service Pros?

Accidents happen; disasters happen; human error happens. Bottom line, technology can be fickle. That’s why cloud computing is the most secure, efficient way for businesses to easily back up and recover their data thoroughly and reliably. And with IT Service Pros and Datto, you reap the immense benefits of Datto’s Hybrid Cloud Platform, in which your on-prem server is simultaneously and flawlessly preserved with a physical appliance and a Datto Cloud backup. In other words, your server is backed up locally on your Datto appliance, then mirrored off-site in the Datto Cloud, and your business is able to quickly recover data lost under any circumstances.

This Hybrid Cloud Platform is available on all of our on-prem Datto appliances and on Datto NAS, a premier network-attached storage system.

Comprehensive Cloud Computing

In addition to the revolutionary hybrid model, cloud computing services from the IT Service Pros-Datto partnership also include:

  • Screenshot Backup Verification
  • Backup Insights
  • Instant Virtualization
  • Inverse Chain Technology
  • Advanced storage with ZFS
  • File sync-and-share with ownCloud

To learn more about our pairing with Datto, the most innovative cloud computing service of our time, we encourage you to visit our partnership site today. The peace of mind that comes with choosing the most skilled experts in the industry, combined with a vanguard, reliable technology, is utterly priceless.

Kindly visit our Datto site today for additional information about our services and to discover which system is right for your business.