A few things to catch up on…

AIU Policy

New updated Acceptable Internet Use policy is available. Have included specifics about picture/image downloads, video/audio streaming and similar things that impact available bandwidth. If you need a current policy, let me now. As always, it’s from the SANS Institute and can be fully modified to meet your specific site requirements. Other policies are also available so let me know what you might need.

Datto News

Datto is releasing a software upgrade for Siris 2 devices which will move them to a far better capability level. This upgrade will convert existing Siris 2 units to Siris 3 at no cost to current owners. If you know of any business operations looking for /Data Backup/Business Continuity solutions, let us know. The Datto engineers are available to do a no-cost demonstration of this product’s capabilities. In addition to Windows, Datto now includes a MAC agent along with Red Hat Linux, some versions of Ubuntu, physical and Virtual Servers, etc…

Project list through End-of-Year 2016

This is the beginning of the third quarter but the task and project list for this year has been constant. The remaining calendar is rapidly filling up, too. We have one site project in Quincy, Illinois, facility upgrades at two Ford dealers, two new network installations, large-scale upgrades at two sites and multiple Line-of-Business software upgrades to handle between now and the end of September. In a nutshell, if you have anything you are pondering/planning for completion by the end of this year, drop a line to me at mailto:tech@itservpro.com as available scheduling is running between slim and none at this point.

FY2017 Contracts

Managed Services contracts for FY2017 will be issued in October and due back by mid-November.

We are continuing to limit acceptance of new clients and requirements for retaining current clients are tightening up. The business computing world is changing rapidly and keeping up with this is not like it has been in years past. Securing networks and insuring Business Continuity is getting tougher to do without specific products being included in the support mix. We’ve added a number of products that help businesses securely manage passwords, limit or prevent Ransomware and Trojans from hijacking networks and so forth. Fairly soon, we’ll have a fixed blueprint on the things sites will require in order for us to continue to provide support services. More details on this going forward…